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Der Buchnerhof

The Buchnerhof is the meeting home of the Elisabeth and Helmut Uhl Foundation and lies at 730 m altitude, directly on the pilgrimage route to Maria Weissenstein. The purpose of the Elisabeth and Helmut Uhl Foundation is the promotion of science and arts with the aim of facilitating idea exchange events and creating networks from which innovations that serve society can emerge. For this purpose, the foundation wants to bring together frontiersman between diverse disciplines and cultures. The Buchnerhof not only serves as a place where people meet but also operates as an agricultural farm. Pinot Noir grows around the farm house, while the wine is made in our cellar, cut into the rock face under the property. The yield of the vineyard and the 140 ha of forest (which covers several vegetation zones between 300 and 1,200 m above sea level), is intended to secure the long-term maintenance of the Buchnerhof and enable the foundation to concentrate fully on the foundation's purpose. In the future the foundation will continue to host concerts and theater performances in the quarry located close to the house. These will be free for everyone to enjoy, who walks the pilgrim trail up to the site. If you are interested in upcoming events at the Buchnerhof, please visit the homepage of the Elisabeth and Helmut Uhl Foundation:

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